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"Okay... There is this idiot at school who is TOTALY against gay people. He says that their gorse and that they are breaking the rule of nature or some shit like that! He is a Muslim and is calling everyone a racist, and he demands respect! But who can he get respect if he can't deal with the fact that someone isn't like him? I just need something to say to him so that he will shut!!!"
From: Anonymous

To be honest, I don’t think there is much that can be said that will either change his mind or improve the situation. I was the target of bullying when I was in high school and was called faggot by a few of my peers, but it took me a while to realize I just had to brush them off. They meant nothing to me so why should I be bothered by them?

If it becomes a major problem I would speak to a teacher of yours that you trust or maybe a school official that can deal with the problem, but fighting fire with fire is never the way to go. Show this guy that you are the better person, don’t stoop to his level.

"I need some advice, do you mind helping me?"
From: Anonymous

Yes, yes, yes, of course!